Saturday, 23 July 2011

Lifecycle of a Mushroom: Visual Research 4

I’ve looking at various mushrooms of the world in an attempt to give the animation some sort of place and period. The Mushroom that interests me the most actually happens the one of the most common the ‘Amanita muscaria’. The quintessential toadstool thats been used in everything from ancient medicines, centuries old fairytales and common garden ornaments . It’s a highly poisonous mushroom and very commonly associated with hallucinogens

I think i’ve established that my visual style is going to be pretty off-the-wall. I suppose with emphasis on the images on screen, the use of complicated scientic terms as something grand and spectacular inspired modernist use of text and editing in conjuction with sound. CG and Technology will drive the animation but is pushed back in terms of emphasis, I feel like this animation should hands on and dirty in a certain sense. Mushrooms do grow up from the soil and manure after all. Here’s a tentative experiment using a photo, canvas texture and Jasper Johns painting:

I’ve been looking at the animations of an old favourite -Norman Mclaren for the style of animation and the work of the so called Neo-Dadaist painters such as: Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg for texture and colour.

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  1. An interesting melding of worlds Tom, I look forward to seeing this come together.