Thursday, 14 July 2011

Flu-Virus Concepts 2.01-2.02

I am still undecided whether I will be going in a pure hard-edged graphic style or something rather more grungier and real. The whole aspect of viruses not actually meeting the criteria of living organisms brings to mind little semi biological machines (nanobots) and this contrast between a living cell and the non-living virus is something that I would be seeking to emphasis.
Below is an initial colour timeline to give a rough indication of dominant colour palettes throughout the animation.

Next job is to get the basic plot summary finished and uploaded to Scribd

As an aside Phil, I don't suppose you would like to edit the layout slightly to give a bit more width in the posts. That way images and video won't creep outside the borders.

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  1. Hey Simon,

    I've widened the template - but your colour chart remains stubbornly outside of the border; that said, you've got admin rights now, so if you want to re-jig accordingly, be my guest. I'll take a look at the script tonight - am LOVING the activity on here, Mr Holland - setting the pace!