Thursday, 14 July 2011

Early Thoughts

As mentioned earlier I'll be producing the Life-cycle of a Mushroom animation aimed at undergraduates. The main challenge will be making sure the information presented is suitably pithy but with a visual style and language that can hold the attention. The first company that springs to mind is Squint/Opera. Take a look here:

I think the idea of incorporating text into the scene itself and switching between motion graphics seamlessly will work very nicely.

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  1. yep - integrated and innovative use of text - check! Certainly one of the things that would engage me re. mushrooms, is to first admit, somehow, to what is 'uninteresting' about them - what I mean is, there's this incredible process going on for even the most common or garden mushroom - you know, the pale boring sort that people have on toast. I can just imagine the initial disinterest of a undergraduate student faced with the prospect of studying the life-cycle of a fungus - a sort of ironic 'wow - a mushroom, so what?' tone, that could quickly be challenged visually so that the animation gives way to this dynamic, rather extraordinary hidden world of biological process. The ordinary and over-looked being reframed as extraordinary and miraculous.