Sunday, 31 July 2011

Lifecycle of a Mushroom: Mushroom Growth test

After a bit of research I found out that I could use Lattice Deformers to create the Mushroom growth effect. The video above is not final but rather a very quick test which needs a lot more refinement. It's fairly convincing so it's not a bad start. To improve it I could also add more deformers which could give it a bend and twist as it grows.

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  1. Hey Tom,

    Okay, I've already suggested elsewhere that I champion your ongoing mission to create a world that is less obviously cg in terms of its textures etc - and this hessian texture is pleasing. (It makes me want to touch it - squash it between my fingers; I can even imagine how it would feel!) My only view would be, because you're using realistic mushroom forms, it might be 'odd' if the texturing is somehow 'more' stylised than the geometry. If you're going to be bold, I'd suggest that boldness needs to be in the DNA of everything; so that a less 'realistic' approach to the textures should indeed extend to the very fabric of the models. After all, once you've established that your world is not 'the' world, your departure can be quite strident, as the audience is simply going to 'go with you' and follow your lead. Obviously there is a balance between coherence and style, but there is something so readable about the mushroom shape, maybe you could afford to go more 'generic' - but in a very positive, Charley Harper-esque way? This would also have an effect on how animated your animation is - i.e. the language of movement in the piece; again, the 'realism' of the mushroom growth etc. You might need to allow your influences to more deeply influence the models and environments. I know it's very early days, of course, and nothing here yet represents your intention. As you know, what I find very satisfying is your willingness to simply 'show and tell' at the R&D stage, and I look forward to seeing your style coalesce in the coming weeks.