Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Flu-Virus Concepts 1.01

In my initial research into the flu virus I realised that a lot of pictorial representations of the virus were rather generic. Most were much like the image below, which is one of the better ones.
As you can appreciate I feel that a bit more artistic license needs to be taken with the design of the virus. Most flu viruses are spherical in nature with nodules etc. extending from the membrane. So with the criteria of spikey sphere in mind I spent an hour or so laying down some basic forms.

I will be researching the functionality of the virus, what all the components do and how they perform their tasks. Alongside this I will be creating more concepts as above.

A quick question for Dr Klappa:

I have been looking at the sort of content that is required for A-Level students, surprisingly the only virus that is covered in the resource material I could find on-line is HIV, is it appropriate to use the HIV resources as a guideline for the level of detail that a student would require?
Many thanks


  1. Hey Simon,

    Someone had to be first - and it's you! :D In terms of your audience, there's not much difference, I'd suggest, between A Level and year one undergraduate - not a discernible one. There's probably an argument for not over-thinking the distinction. If it's engaging, accurate and memorable, it's going to be useful for both sixthformers and undergraduates afterall - and even if the data is complex, the way in which it is (artfully!) conveyed can make it accessible to a younger, less experienced audience. Peter is in Malaysia at the moment, but he is picking up emails, so I took the liberty of emailing him the url to your post to precipitate a speedy reply. He may reply via direct email.