Friday, 15 July 2011

@ Phil Re Narration

I remember reading somewhere a while ago that an average of 47 words per minute were an ideal for narration. Did I imagine this or is it common knowledge?


  1. um -no idea! I suggest, in the first instance, you simple write 'straight ahead' and get everything 'said' that needs to be said - then, we can triangulate the editorial process between you, me and Peter. On previous projects - and Matt Fletcher's in particular - I was able to condense the script down in style terms - knocking out repetition etc. and sorting any grammar stuff. Then this condensed version went back to Peter to ensure I hadn't excised anything important. There may be an exact science about narration and words per minute - but I'm not aware of it, but in truly practical terms, the narration MUST convey the requisite information, and that basic requirement must dictate. Opportunities for streamlining the narration/running time will no doubt present themselves - as they always do.