Thursday, 14 July 2011

Flu-Virus Concepts 2.03-2.04 plus first draft of plot.

Below is my first draft plot, comments and suggestions welcomed. At the moment the amount of scientific information is probably a little in depth for A-Level study, this will be pared back at the actual script writing stage. Im sure the good Dr Klappa will point out any glaring biological inaccuracies.

flu virus infection


  1. Okay - the opening sequence (airborne droplet infection) is very clear on first reading - and then all the actual process stuff in act 2 is less so, but this is because it becomes bio-science proper and the job of the storyboard will make all of this process clear - easier to show than describe, I'm guessing! In terms of your narration/voice-over, will the voice track essentially synch up with the action, i.e."The mature virus buds off from the cell in a sphere of host phospholipid membrane..."? Because the job of your animation is to be educative and information-rich, I'm assuming the voice-over is going to carry a lot of responsibility in conjunction with the visuals. I suggest you commit to your script asap - a) because then Peter can check it for accuracy etc, and b) because your voice track will ultimately give you your running time and will give you an idea of timings for any animatic.

  2. Act 2 at this stage is definitely the weaker in terms of cinematography at this stage. Once I have designed the proteins, RNA and the cell I should have a better idea of how they all fit together.

  3. Hi Simon
    I think the virus concepts have lost some of their impact - I just looked back at the earlier designs, the very first sheet fizzes and crackles with a kind of (malevolent?) energy and abstract character. These look rather generic / sign-like, and I guessI find the connotations with hazard signs too overt.

  4. Hi there Chris, that is why we thumb-nail lol it gives us the opportunity to explore avenues and experiment. I've taken a step away from this character for a smidge to work on some environments and the actual narrative and then return with fresh eyes.