Monday, 18 July 2011

Lifecycle of a Mushroom: Visual Research 1

My plans for a visual style are still a bit speculative at the moment. ‘Text’ seems to be the thing that first springs to my mind when I talk about my animation. So for the moment I’m just looking at work which displays some sort of use of dynamic text and then develop from there. First thing that comes to mind is Russian Constructivism and Dadaism. I’m not looking to create a Soviet pastiche style animation but the Modernist love of fonts and text at the forefront of images could be an avenue worth exploring. Dadaism seems a bit more apt from a visual standpoint because it feels a lot more quirky and playful and I do like the cut and paste nature of their work. As Phil said I could imagine the audience being presented with a ‘boring’ mushroom only for the scene to unravel in some Dada-esque madness as the biological process plays out.


  1. Yes, yes, yes!!!

    Did you watch the animation I posted? Spheremetrical? I did so with you in mind - I just loved the collaged, rather 'Open University' feel - and the simple charm of the diagrammatic approach. The 'cut and paste' idea is lovely; associated thoughts I'm now having include:

  2. Yep, I watched it! :) Reminded me too of one of the Resonance animations: