Thursday, 27 October 2011

Lifecycle of a Mushroom: Third Draft

Slight delay... 95% complete one. There's a glitch with one of the radial wipes, thats already been fixed. Other than that, minor tweaks to the timing following feedback and just the titles and end to go...


  1. So nearly there, Tom :)

    I just think that the first time we see the rotating spheres (karyogamy produces diploid nuclei) it comes and goes too quickly for comfort, so I suggest what you do is truncate the concentric circle footage at about 32 secs (actually just after, as there's a natural beat in the music which says 'cut to new scene') and then spend more time with the spheres before we see them divide. It might take a bit of shuffling, but that long concentric circle sequence does give you some wriggle room.

    Everything else, timing wise, feels pretty comfortable to me. Just wondered if, on some of the text inserts, if you could add in a moment of shake - not much, but just to lend some 'projection' shake? It's hardly important or deal-breaking - but that shake + some blur as if the focus is slipping might lend some additional authenticity - particularly on the opening titles, and on those shorter text inserts?

    Anyway - it's looking great, and it makes me smile every time. I'm smiling now!