Friday, 14 October 2011

Lifecycle of a Mushroom: Karyogamy and Meiosis scene

Comped together and added to the music. Ignore the cross fade at the start, it's only temporary!


  1. Hey Tom - you going to have to give your reader a bit more time on those titles - I know the criticism was that they outstayed their welcome before, but I suggest you establish a rhythm which allows the 'slowest' reader to feel they're not being rushed. The energy of this piece is going to be fantastic - that much is already clear. I think we discussed 'distressing' the title cards a bit - to give them a flickery, projected quality. I also suggest that you use capital letters at the beginning of the sentences, as that would be more in keeping with the period. You should also consider using some suitable decorative elements on these - I don't know, corner scrolls or underlinings - you know the sort of thing.

  2. Yep - Working on the text cards :-)