Friday, 5 August 2011

Lifecycle of a Mushroom: Visual Research 5

As per Phils suggestion I've gone back and had a slight think about the visual direction of my piece. I'm currently in a mindset where I'm just subtracting real world textures and replacing them with arbitrary texures of my own. It works, but needs resolving to a greater extent. The idea of a non-cg aethetic needs to embraced further and to effect the entire style and language of the animation. Phil recommended Charley Harper - famous for his highly stylized depictions of birds and wildlife.

I'll follow up with Mary Blair who produced the concept art for many Disney films.


  1. Afternoon, Tom - yes, there's something much more 'from the inside out' about this approach; as opposed to trying to innovate via texturing choices alone; it may even be that you continue to develop your 'illustrative/theatrical' approach as seen in Dorian, in which you knowingly and confidently deploy conspicuous '2D' elements - and create a sort of 'floating collage' feel in which elements come in and out of focus, as you push past them, or focus down on a specific element; it also gives you the opportunity to use any text elements in a really dynamic way.

  2. I was thinking Tom that it may help you to start thinking too about the musical identity of your animation; certainly, when I'm looking for a means to cohere footage together, I take most of my cues from the music; it gives the pace, the feel and even the colours and choice of font etc. It must be because you've got Mclaren in there, but I 'hear' something jazzy and percussive when I read over your influences etc.

  3. I have a mid-century American influence going on for sure.

    I could imagine some early Louis Armstrong. The type of Jazz music which was really influential on the creatives of that time.

    What would the procedure be for the use of music?

    I'm guessing it's get permission (pay for copyright) or royalty free? :(

  4. yep! But there's always Garage Band, which, all cynicism aside, can produce some nice stuff - especially if you were to go for something pared down, syncopated and a bit 'jazzzzzzz' :D