Thursday, 25 August 2011

Lifecycle of a Mushroom: Soundtrack and Animation development

I’ve been chipping away at researching the scientific aspects and in conjuction with listening to soundtrack, trying to work out how the information could fit into the music.

Doing so made me acutely aware that the soundtrack was much too long for the information needed. I want to inform greatly but I don’t want to bore my audience . With the music being the way it is, it could also irritate if it outstays it welcome. I’ve cut the soundtrack down by half. Though drastic it actually makes very little difference because the half I cut is actually a repeat of the first. At just 2 minutes it feels a lot tighter than the original running time of over 4 minutes. Have a listen:

I’m a lot more comfortable understanding the scientific aspects now, than before when I picked the soundtrack. Knowing what I need to convey, I’ve been able to break down the music into 4 significant sections, just about the right amount for the information I have.

1. Intro/Fully grown mushroom
2. Karyogamy/Meiosis stage
3. Basidium/Badiospore stage
4. Mycleium stage/Mushroom Growth stage.

This will need a bit more tweaking, as right now the Karyogamy/Meiosis stage feels overly long but I’ll work on that. I’ll be uploading an animatic in time for 31st of August Pitch deadline.

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