Thursday, 25 August 2011

Heavy Industry - Cell Organelles

Having completed modeling the organelles for the cell, I thought I had better run off some renders, the textures are place holders at the moment hence the sci-tech look.

Above are various stages of the construction of the nucleus.

 The Cell as a whole. You can clearly see the nucleus in situ.
 Close up of the nucleus, below it are ribosomes, to the top left is the centriole.
 Here we see two mitochondria floating past the golgi body (top left), nucleus and centrioles.
Looking down the shaft of the cilia into the cell proper, we can see the organelles responsible for moving the cilia.

nucleus concept from SIMON HOLLAND on Vimeo.

A very short clip of the nucleus in action.

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  1. Hey Simon - back from Spain already? Hope you had a relaxing time; and some eye-candy for me too - exciting!!