Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fighting An Infection - General Public

Fighting an Infection Pitch


  1. Hi Sebastian,
    I just had a look at your presentation and your cartoon characters put a huge smile on my face. I really, really LOVE them. I don't share your concern that adults might not be so susceptible to cartoons - just look at the success of the Simpsons or Cleveland. I think you hit exactly the right spot. The only suggestion I would make is to make your pathogen more scary. It has big round eyes, which people immediately find quite cute. Not what you want from a nasty pathogen.
    You strike a very good balance between scientific accuracy and what the audience is interested in, so great stuff. Have you thought about a soundtrack and whether you are going to have a voice over? I think with the number of characters the biggest challenge is really to introduce the different players. If you master this challenge, then this will be an absolutely fabulous animation. Can't wait to see more of it!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Seb,

    I'd suggest the cartoony characters being somehow 'balanced out' by more realistic textures etc. is a false logic. Peter is absolutely right to suggest that you needn't worry about the cartoon aspect somehow alienating older audiences. Popular culture is so drenched in animation it is a legit aesthetic, used by advertisers to sell adults adult stuff. The art direction for your whole world should derive outwards from your character designs; as if it is made from the same materials - a marshmallowy, Plasticine, Toys R Us interior; the sophistication of the execution of the info will keep your adults engaged and entertained, and it starts to be something 'the whole family can enjoy' and this is a good thing and a strength.

    Regarding the nastiness or not of your invader, Peter has a point, in so much as it needs to read instantly as 'bad guy' - I'd suggest a fiddle with the shape of the eyes - less round, more elliptical and angled to suggest cunning - something as simple as that. I mean we're not talking 'mega-evil' here - it's just a little pathogen afterall - but it should clearly register its spitefulness in comparison with the more benign shapes and expressions of the 'goodies'.

    I know that Peter is really interested to see how you're going to stage this ensemble cast, so get a storyboard on here asap, so you can move into production with complete confidence. It's looking very promising, Sebastian - and a range of soft toys is surely imminent, right? :D