Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Infection By Influenza Virus

Infection by Flu Virus now finished pending feedback and critique.
@Phil: I will bring in the original and sort out screen grabs tomorrow, if there is anything in particular you would like let me know.


  1. Great! I love the look of the viruses. Spooky music is a great accompaniment. It is a little confusing how the viral RNA gets into the nucleus since it is never shown entering the pores. Also a bit confusing is when the nucleus starts producing viral RNA, though the change in color of the nucleus gives some indication, since all of the RNA shown being produced is the same color and length.

  2. Okay Simon, I appear, at last to have got my head up above the UCA waterline and can now offer some observations. I'm quite sure you're weary of looking at this work now, but I do have some niggles - and, yes, it's about the text and some of the cuts etc. - all the stuff I know you admit to not enjoying much.

    From an elegance point of view, I'd suggest not giving the project its official name at the start, but rather starting with Infection by Influenza Virus, and also starting with your text on a white background, as the cross-fade into the blue sky will just seem more airy and 'healthy' this way (considering you fade to black at the end when everything has gone to s**t!).

    Simon - I've got a suggestion for you to consider. I'm sitting here, stopping and starting the video, preparing to try and articulate minute amendments, and I'm thinking, why don't I offer to edit this - or at least offer an edit. Would you be happy to let me edit this? When I watch it, I just keep thinking you could cut a few frames there, insert a quick fade to white here - just instinctive stuff born from lots and lots of editing projects that might not communicate if I was to try to express the sense of it via blog comment or email. Can I stress, I wouldn't be altering the story at all, it's just I'm itching to get my hands on it simply from an editing point of view - obviously, then, we could compare edits and if something had gone missing from your vision, we could sort that too. There's just a few techniques that I think would really ensure it rocked... What do you think? And I'd be happy to have a go at that text too - because, I know you've tried a bunch of approaches and it still doesn't feel integrated or comfy on the eye. Text is a bother!

    You've got a black frame or two at around 2.06/7 that causes a flash - and, I've got to say this - the final scene of the blackness creeping along just feels as if there's a drop in quality somehow - it just seems pre-vizzy in comparison with everything else - am I imagining this? It just seems that some of the grace and fluidity present in your shots disappears at that moment...

    Anyway, let me know what you think of my offer. I'm hoping you'll give a sigh of relief!

  3. Text flashes by rather quickly and in unexpanded viewing size is too small to read. It is also rather complex - does the average person in the street have any idea what 'ions' are? Is your audience scientists who WILL know or 'Joe Public' (who on average, won't). I would have the same comment on technical terminology being a bit overwhleming in the dance of the mushrooms video - full of multisyllable, latin terms. Great stuff artistically (well done!)