Thursday, 15 September 2011

Red or Blue?

I was originally going for the top one. but thought I would have an experiment, now  I'm in a quandary, any thoughts would be much appreciated.


  1. On purely aesthetic grounds, I prefer the bottom image, but does it change the message of the scene? The cool blue is very clearly a sort of clean, cool, rather antiseptic space; the orange is punchier, but does it alter the content? I suppose continuity with your intention is key?

  2. The top image is much closer to my concept art in regards to tonality, I was after something quite crystaline but not super ray-traced, more like uncut crystals. I think I will run with the top one but push the contrast some more to get some more punch.


  3. Hey Simon, have you thought about extruding the vertices of some of the shapes?

    You get some funktacular looking geometry that would make a topology nut cry but since your not smoothing it could generate a nice sharp crystally effect.

    At the moment it looks a bit blocky and polygony.

    To answer this question. I prefer the top one, not keen on the red being so drastic. Its quite primary in a way, maybe adding a ramp node to whatever you using to create that effect could vary the colours a little...